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honeyscope FAQ

What is the turnaround time:

All turnaround times are based on the size and the scope of the project. We can work in a pinch or we can have a long courtship.

How does the wedding planning process work?

The wedding planning process is all about communication. Please reference our services + process page.

What do you prefer as a payment method?

We require a deposit at the beginning and final payment upon completion.

What if the final revision still needs some tweaking?

We understand the need to edit. We also want to be cognizant of the production timeline. That said, further editing inevitably means a longer production cycle. Let's talk about what you need and work that into an updated timeline. Communication means being on the same page.

After our first meeting, how soon can we start designing?

Let's discuss your event date - we want to begin designing immediately.

Why are prices subject to change?

The cost of our goods and the printing process required to complete the work is contingent upon design. All of our work is original and unique.

What if there are delays in the process?

We strive to communicate all status changes however delays can sometimes happen. If it is a rush situation, additional costs may be incurred.

Why honeyscope? 

Custom. Original. Unique. Your event design will never be templated or replicated for that matter. You will not find another bride with the same collection nor will your friend's baby shower invite look or feel like yours. You're investing in becoming the author of your special day.

Do you have an office location?

Yes! In the city of Chicago.

What print vendor do you use?

We use a multitude of local vendors based upon the design background and careers.

What about web design?

Please see the contact form. This is not outside of our wheelhouse!





Chicago, IL